10 Quick and Easy time-saving Tip

By Hex Studio

These are simple tips that will increase one’s productivity and save time. Everyone can easily practice them.


1)  Sleep

If you do not sleep well and have enough sleep, your efficiency will drop and you tend to make mistakes. And you need to spend more time to find out your mistake and correct it. But do not sleep too much either. Do the experiment yourself to find out how long is the sleep that will make you stay fresh for the whole day.


2) Eat well and Exercise

This is having same principle as point one above. The difference is that sleep get you mentally ready, eat well and exercise get you physically prepared. If you get sick, things will pile up.


3) Avoid Jam

Everyone hates jam and everyone hates queue. Traffic jam can be real time sucker. Experiment yourself by going out an hour earlier or half an hour later if it is possible to do so. Avoid the peak period could save some significant time.


4) Action on spot

When you read a mail/message/bill, try to take an action immediately whether to reply, delete, archive, pay online, or call someone instead of put it aside for action later. Because if you put it aside, you will need to spend time read it one more time later.


5) Simple Plan daily

Start a day with a simple ‘to do’ or ‘activities’ list. Arrange them and prioritize them. When setting the priority for the activities, ask yourself whether it is important to your life. Can you do without it? Group your activities so that some of this activities can be achieved at one go. Take some simple note to help you remember to bring things for the activities. If you have to make two trips to the same place, you are wasting time. (PS Life Assistant iphone app is ‘must have’ tool to assist you on you daily plan and note taking. It comes with reminder alarm as well)


6) Time yourself

Time yourself for some of repeated activities so that you can predict the time spent on this better. The benefit is you can save the buffer time before and after the activities.


7) Companion

Always bring along something to work on or something to read when you go for any appointment. This is to claim back the waiting time.


8) Dare to say “NO”

Everyone have only 24 hours. Do not take in every task that comes to you. Stand up to say ‘NO’ if it does not do your life any good. Someone ever says that time is as precious as gold. I would say time is more precious than gold. Because once it is past, it is gone forever. Will you give your gold to anyone who comes to you?


9) Love your desktop

We load our computer with a lot of programs. And almost every program put their shortcut icon on our desktop when installed. Get rid of those shortcuts on your desktop that you do not use very often. Only keep those shortcuts of programs that you require to access daily on your desktop.


10) Prioritize based on factors of life

As I mentioned earlier, time is more precious than gold. Because even the richest man in the world can not use his money to buy time. Everyone have this pot of ‘gold’. Would you spend your ‘gold’ on something that is important your life or spend on anything comes to you without realizing it? So think and list down what are the important factors of your life that you want to spend your time on. Then before you spend your time, check whether it is spent on any of the factors in your list. If yes, you are saving time. By not wasting time on other things outside of the list is equivalent to saving time. (PS: Life Assistant iphone app is an app that can help users focus on factors that is most important to their life. It feedbacks to users how much time and effort they had spend on their different factors of life in chart format.)


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