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Life Assistant - know your life, live your life


In real life, a lot of time, we only have one chance in doing certain things. Don't let it pass by accidentally because you spend too much time on work.

-Do you regret that you do not spend enough time with your children, to teach them, to play with them and to guide them?

-Do you regret that you do not spend enough time with your lover one, parents, sibling and friends so that you have close contact and maintain a good relationship with them?

Don't let this happen to you. Get a Life Assistant now to help you manage your daily life. Life Assistant is a Iphone apps that helps you manage your daily activities and feedbacks to you how your time and effort were allocated in each important factors of your life. These enable you focus on your time and effort on what is important to you. Life Assistant employed plan-do-check-act concept to help you improve your life.



  • Allow user to generate his To Do list or activities list.
  • Remind user when the activities start time is due.
  • Allow user to input key notes and pictures with activities list. Notes can play the role like shopping list, recipe, things to bring etc. Pictures can be map that was captured using map utility for location and direction etc.
  • Allow user to select the factors of life that he/she want to monitor.
  • Allow user to select the image to represent each factor of life.
  • Feedback to user how much time and effort that the user has spent on his important factors of life in chart format.
  • Allow user to look into the past activities and readjust the activities for better future.
  • Allow user to retrieve or input the activities from or to iphone calendar. And user can then sync iphone calendar with desktop Apple iCal or MS Outlook to transfer those activities to or from desktop through iTunes.
  • Allow user to transport and view their important documents with iphone anytime anywhere. User can transfer files of any format through iTunes. For viewing/listening, formats supported include doc, xls, ppt, html, pdf, wav, aiff, txt, mov, mp3,key, pages, numbers
  • Allow user to attach documents in their activities.
  • Allow user to email their activities detail with attachment file.
  • Localized in Chinese Language.
  • View pleasant motivation quote to improve morale each day. More motivation can be downloaded from the website.

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