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Animal Peekaboo - Cool Animals are waiting for you


Animals Peekaboo is an educational app that can be played alone or together with friends and family. It teaches mammals and birds in English and Chinese. Get to know this animals through interactive way and play quiz with friends and family. 


  • Learn about animals in English and Chinese
  • Interactive learning through swipe motion. 
  • Record and compare your pronunciation with the system pronunciation. 
  • play quiz with friends and family by taking turn to reveal a portion of animals. 
  • a good set of flash cards for photographic memory training.
Paid Version


animal peekaboo video - Learn about Animals in English

Play in default setting. Learn all the animals in English. Run through the beautiful pictures and learn how to pronoun the name of each animals.

animal peekaboo video -Learn Animals in Chinese

Switch to Chinese setting. Learn how to call the animals in Chinese.

animal peekaboo video - Check Pronunciation

Play with record to have fun and check the pronunciation.

animal peekaboo video - Train Photographic Memory

Switch to flash card mode. Train photographic memory using flash cards.

animal peekaboo video - Play quiz with family and friends

Turn on fuzzy mode and make sure bush is on. This is quiz mode. Take turn to touch and guess what is the animal behind the bush.

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