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I Love Candy - Free Leisure Game


‘I love Candy’ is a fun game for leisure.  Player swipes (touch and drag) to collects three or more candies of same type.But it is more than a matching game. The game is carefully designed with balance of fun in game play and challenge of creative thinking. 

The game has five levels of difficulties. With the increase of the number of candies, the difficulty of matching increases. However the game introduces some candies with its unique features so that player can creatively make use of them to achieve higher score.

This game is FREE. But If you like this game, you can support us by purchasing the paid version.


  • Eyes lickable candy graphics
  • Relax  game play
  • Interesting sound and animation effect
  • Sort the candy if you get stuck in the game
  • High score tracking so that you can email to your friend.
  • Add difficulties by adding more candies. Up to 5 game difficulties.
  • Matching more than 3 candies will give you more benefit, especially benefit of extending the play time.
Free Version
Paid Version


These are basic candies. These candies help you earn most of your scores, because they appear more often. But different color of candy has different score. Check it out.
This candy not only gives you more scores than basic candy. Any subsequent auto match of this candy, the score will be multiplied with a multiplier.
This is blue candy bomb. As the number of candies increases, it is harder to match 3 or more. This candy will clear the way for you. Use it wisely.
This candy not only gives you more scores than any candy. Any subsequent auto match of this candy, the score will be multiplied with a multiplier.
It's function is the same as blue candy bomb, except it targets orange candy.
This candy is a trump card candy. It changes into any type of candy based on the direction you swipe(move and drag). Refer to pictorial example below.
Click this icon to add more types of candies to the game. The game starts with only 4 types of candies and can be extented to 8 types of candies.
When you are stuck, 'sort candy' will reshuffle the candies for you. It comes with time penalty though. But there is a way to reduce the time penalty of 'sort candy', I will let you find out yourself.
Ultimate Tips
Always try to match four and above because it will extent your time. More time, higher score. Some players are so good that they can play it for hours before the time was used up.
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