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Ring Go - A simple and elegant stopwatch and timer


Ring Go  is perfect for someone who is looking for a simple stopwatch that records down the results. It also has timer function that can be used as reminder or alarm. It is the best tool for student to time himself for each test paper while preparing for his test.

Using Ring Go as a stopwatch, it can track the timing for up to 3 challengers in the race. It allows user to put the image for challenger in their lap button. User can then email out the report or save the report in the app for future reference.

Using Ring Go as a timer, it helps to alert user when the time is due. The timer has special features like customized ring tone. Other than those ringtones comes with this app, user can record his own ringtones or voice. Eg. “Hurry up”, or “5 minutes left” or “Wake up” or “ you can do it”. User can also set multiple alarms at different time interval


Stopwatch Functions:

  • track user’s timing for every laps.
  • arrange those timing into a nice report.
  • calculate the total, average, max and min and put inside the report.
  • email or store the report.

Timer Functions:

  • alert user when the time is due.
  • customized ring tone.
  • record ringtones or voice.
  • multiple alarms at different time interval.
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