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Where is My Prince? Iphone Game


Are you one of the princesses who is still waiting for your princes or one of the princes who is looking around for the princess?  

"Where is my prince?" is a puzzle game that requires the players to use their wit to overcome all the obstacles so that the prince can eventually meet the princess and present to her the precious stones.  ss will be in the castle waiting for her prince to pass through the land of bushes, break through the wall, open the tower's gate, fight the dragon and finally present to her a shining diamond. The prince needs the players' help to destroy the obstacles by diligently select two or more obstacles that are in the row. Sequence to destroy the obstacles is the key to make sure all the obstacles in between the prince and princess can all be destroyed.

With the social features in the game, players can meet friends of same interest, and play with them.


  • 3 stages with 20 levels per stage. Total 60 exciting game levels will keep your brain active.
  • Slay dragons to collect precious gems to compete with your friends
  • Share your score through Facebook, Messages and Game Center.
  • Collect your achievement medals in Game Center.
  • High score ranking in Game Center
  • Three steps hints to help you if you are stuck at certain level.
  • Replayable. Different way of solving the puzzle will have different scores.
  • Be part of fairy tale to make the prince and the princess live happily ever after.
Version 1.1
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