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Living But No Life– You need a Life Assistant Iphone App


By Hex Studio

No life? Yes, this is what is happening to most people and they might not even aware of it. With globalization, people are competing for job. Employers are more demanding. To keep the job, employees are working long hours, and most of them have sleepless night worrying about their job. As technology advanced, technology products like laptop, internet connection and mobile phone basically make employees 24 hours contactable even during weekend and holiday. To live in current society, receiving instant feedback before one misses something important to his/her life and knowing how to balance the life are critical.

Do you spend enough quality time with your lover, children, parents, friends and yourself? Not many people can answer this question well because they are too busy with work and do not monitor that.

It would be great to have a friend or an assistant to constantly advice you before you start ‘losing’ your life. On 22 Dec 2010, Hex Studio has just launched a simple and easy to use life managing iphone app - Life Assistant.

Life Assistant helps its users link their daily activities with factors of life that these activities are contributing to. User can then get the feedback in chart format on how much time and effort he/she has spent on different factor of life like spouse, children, parents, social, health and work. With this app, you know exactly how much quality time you have spent on your family, career, health and social life. For student, this app is helpful to let him/her know how much time he/she has spent on study and play.


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